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Welcome To Lhasa Verbs!

By Geoff Bailey & Christopher E. Walker
email: verbs(at-sign)lhasaverbs.org
Lhasa Verbs is a practical introduction to some of the verbs used in spoken Lhasa Tibetan. It's a book and CD-ROM tailored for people who are motivated to improve their skills in speaking modern Tibetan. Go to the Description of the Lhasa Verbs project on the Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library to learn more about this awesome resource. Want to give it a try? Download the demo version for a Windows computer.

Lhasa Verbs can be ordered directly online!   The price of the 800-page hardcover book and CD-ROM is $49.95.

We ask that you use PayPal to order securely online. To get started, use the form below. (It is not necessary to have a PayPal account, all you need is a major credit card). We can ship internationally. See below.

NOTE! Paypal system disabled while site administrator is overseas, please email verbs(at-sign)lhasaverbs.org with inquiries on future availability

Note (Jan 18, 2019): Ordering online is unavailable as books are temporarily out-of-order until we can receive new copies. We anticipate more copies may become available sometime in middle of February 2019. Please check back later, sorry!!

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